Posted on April 9th, 2018

With Soccerfest just under three weeks away, the Tournament Operations team has their hands full with getting everything and everyone ready for the event.  Nick Dobson has been hard at work setting the schedules for the tournament, as well as designing the layout of all of the fields and the rest of the attractions we will have.  Meetings all across campus have been called and run by our Rob Chiusano, making sure everything is in order and ready to go come April 28th.  Lastly, Josh Fertig and Ryan Sullivan have begun rounding up referees and started training sessions to ensure a fun, safe, and successful event this year!  With plenty more work on the way, the Tournament Operations crew is hitting its stride and ready to tackle the home stretch.

Posted on March 26th, 2018

​Our two class members Kelsey and Jon are working hard to make sure that you have fun during your time at Soccerfest. The Fun Zone has so much to offer, including music, contests, carnival games, inflatables and more! 
Things are starting to pick up for the Fun Zone! Thus far, we have secured the entertainment and all the inflatables for the event! With carnival games and contests on top of these things, it should be a great day in the Fun Zone!
Our main goal in the Fun Zone is to make sure that your time at Soccerfest is the best that it can be. We are dedicated to creating an environment that is inviting to people of all ages! If you have any questions please reach out to Kelsey at
We look forward to seeing you in the Fun Zone on April 28th!

Posted on March 4th, 2018

With SoccerFest rapidly approaching (8 weeks away!), the Volunteer Management department is focusing all of it’s energy into recruiting volunteers for our event. SoccerFest would not be successful if it were not for those who volunteer their time and hard work on event day. SoccerFest prides itself on being an event for the Amherst/Western Massachusetts community. To give back to the community in which they live, a large amount of our volunteers come from the UMASS student body. Our Director of Volunteer Management, Allison, is currently working on reaching out to UMASS professors to schedule times to present before classes about the opportunity to volunteer for SoccerFest 2018. We hope to have around 200 volunteers for this year’s event. In order to make this happen, we do not limit ourselves to only UMASS volunteers. We welcome anyone who may have an interest in volunteering to fill out our interest form or email our department email listed below. While we are working towards recruiting the desired number of volunteers for this year, we will also be preparing for training sessions held prior to the event. The Volunteer Management’s main goal for this year is to ensure that every volunteer feels 100% needed during their time with SoccerFest.
Interested in volunteering for SoccerFest 2018? Fill out our interest form in the ‘Volunteer’ tab on our website. Feel free to reach out to our Volunteer Management department with any questions, comments or concerns at .

Posted on February 27th, 2018

​As February draws to a close, the Supercuts SoccerFest sponsorship team has been very busy trying to bring the biggest and best sponsors on-site for this year’s SoccerFest. Our four-man staff consisting of – Mike, Adam, Shawn and Justin have been working tirelessly to bring the biggest and best sponsors on-site for your enjoyment! Since our last update we have solidified partnerships with two brand new sponsors, PiNZ and the Springfield Thunderbirds! We are also in the process of signing our very first Fun-Zone Title Sponsor so stay tuned for our next update to reveal who that company is going to be. We are still in contact with companies like Texas Roadhouse, FineDesigns, Padula Brothers and Easthampton Savings Bank about possible partnerships but, don’t worry because some fan favorites like Bueno Y Sano, Supercuts, Umass Dinning and Puma will be back for the 2018 festivities!
Our team is dedicated to bringing the SoccerFest fans exciting and new opportunities on event day so you can go home happy and with some great products to show off and awesome stories to tell! If you have any companies you think would be a great fit for SoccerFest 2018 or even future SoccerFests, please feel free to email, and you will get a reply promptly!
Have a wonderful end of February and start signing up your teams now to take advantage of great soccer, exclusive prizes and unmatched fun at SoccerFest 2018 on April 28th!

Posted on February 6th, 2018

​The youth soccer partnership department is rolling full steam ahead for this semester! We've added two amazing new members to our group with Joshuea and Lindsey joining us. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in both event management and soccer, we look forward to the fireworks our team will create to make this event as much of a wonderful experience for the little ones as it will be for our adult teams.

This year we are pleased to be serving both Amherst Youth Soccer and Northampton Soccer Club. Not only will there be amazing soccer clinics and games being put on show, we will also have a FunZone packed with exciting activities for our youngest participants to spend a day having fun and staying active. Watch this space!

Within our department, our members are hard at work creating detailed plans and going over past years to make the SoccerFest experience an even better one. We were at an AYSA event last semester having a blast with the players, and we look forward to working with everyone involved at AYSA and NSC.

Should you have any question about this year's events and offerings for our youngsters, please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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