by Rob Chiusano on December 12th, 2017

​​This semester has been great for Tournament Operations. We have begun to look at our vision for SoccerFest 2018 through the eyes of all of those who will be making our event possible! This work will leave us a good plan for how we want the event to be and will allow us to take the necessary steps to ensure everyone has a great time at our event. 
A big task for us this semester thus far is cleaning out the SoccerFest storage unit. There was a lot of clutter, and things were thrown around and messy throughout the unit. A big key to success for us as a class is to have organization in our storage unit, and cleaning this was necessary for us in order for us to continue our event planning. After taking almost all of the items out, we rearranged the storage unit with more access to the equipment and inventoried the equipment we have. Now we have a good idea of what we have and what we will need in order to help put on our event in the spring.
All of this has been great and has taught our entire department a great deal about event planning and importance of organization. We are excited to continue our work into the spring and continue to work towards making SoccerFest 2018 the best event it can be!
For any further questions, comments, or concerns, please email Rob Chiusano (below):

Posted on December 5th, 2017

​This has been an exciting semester for the Fun Zone department so far! We have been fortunate enough to plan and execute two events this semester: Family Day at a UMass Amherst women’s soccer game and a clinic day with Amherst Youth Soccer.
The Amherst Youth Soccer population is one of the largest groups that participate in SoccerFest. Because of this, we want to make sure that they have the best experience with us possible. At both of these events (Women’s soccer game and the clinic) we got to interact with the parents and coaches for AYSA and they got to know us on a personal level, which is mutually beneficial to both sides. We enjoy interacting with the community, outside of classroom, which is an opportunity that most students at UMass Amherst do not get to have through a class they take on campus.
Next semester we look are looking forward to putting together the Fun Zone for SoccerFest. In the Fun Zone, there will be music, entertainment, food, games, contests, and more! We look forward to participants and spectators coming out and having a positive experience in the Fun Zone.

For any further comments, questions, or concerns, please reach out to Kelsey Senecal or Christian Oliveira (below) and we will get back to you ASAP!,

Have a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to providing you with a day of fun at SoccerFest in the spring!

by Marissa Randall on November 30th, 2017

​The fall has been a busy time for the Volunteer Management department! We have had a lot of exposure thus far and are looking forward to continuing it.
This semester we were lucky enough to volunteer for the Rugged Maniac event hosted in Sturbridge, MA. This event was a great learning experience, and really helped our class see the behind the scenes aspect of what it takes to host such a large event, or any event in general. We were able to have many different learning experiences that will help us when it comes to hosting Soccerfest.
When it comes to making our potential volunteers aware of Soccerfest we have begun targeting the UMass student body. We have reached out to our large lecture Sport Management classes by going to them and giving a presentation informing new students what Soccerfest is all about. Thus far, we have collected information about those who are interested in being a volunteer for event day! We have also gone through the Volunteer Coordinator position, and have elected highly qualified VCs to help our class in the upcoming Spring!
This has been a very exciting and beneficial fall semester for the Volunteer Management department. We look forward to the Spring semester and recruiting more volunteers!
If you or someone you know has any interest in becoming a volunteer for event day head to our “Volunteer” tab on our website and fill out the google form! We look forward to meeting our Volunteers! 
For any further questions, comments, or concerns; Please email Marissa Randall (below).

by Mike Lovewell on November 22nd, 2017

It's the busiest time of the year for the sponsorship team!

As December quickly approaches, the sponsorship team wanted to get the Soccerfest fans excited for our plans to improve your experience this year. Our staff of four- Mike, Adam, Connor and Justin are all making calls and sending emails each day to get in contact with local and national companies for a possible partnership with SoccerFest. Some of these potential partners are Northampton Ford, New York Life, LEGO, Easthampton Savings Bank, Hot Table, Umass Intramurals, islide and Comcast. Aside from these new partners we are also busy contacting sponsors from years past to bring back your favorites for continued enjoyment and engagement. Those include Bueno Y Sano, Supercuts, The New England Revolution and Central Rock Gym to name a few. 
Our goal is to provide you, the SoccerFest fans, with the best experience possible from arrival to the second you leave and we hope that you stay tuned for our progress on reaching that goal. If you have any suggestions or possible connections for companies who may be interested in partnering with our community event please reach out to us at my email, and I will reply promptly.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season and start thinking about your teams for this years tournament on April 28th!

Posted on October 16th, 2017

Come Join us at the UMass Women's Soccer game this weekend for an afternoon of fun for the family! We hope to see you there!

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