Tournament Operations
by Rob Chiusano on December 12th, 2017

​​This semester has been great for Tournament Operations. We have begun to look at our vision for SoccerFest 2018 through the eyes of all of those who will be making our event possible! This work will leave us a good plan for how we want the event to be and will allow us to take the necessary steps to ensure everyone has a great time at our event. 
A big task for us this semester thus far is cleaning out the SoccerFest storage unit. There was a lot of clutter, and things were thrown around and messy throughout the unit. A big key to success for us as a class is to have organization in our storage unit, and cleaning this was necessary for us in order for us to continue our event planning. After taking almost all of the items out, we rearranged the storage unit with more access to the equipment and inventoried the equipment we have. Now we have a good idea of what we have and what we will need in order to help put on our event in the spring.
All of this has been great and has taught our entire department a great deal about event planning and importance of organization. We are excited to continue our work into the spring and continue to work towards making SoccerFest 2018 the best event it can be!
For any further questions, comments, or concerns, please email Rob Chiusano (below):

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