Steps To Marketing SoccerFest 2018 (End-Of-Year)
Posted on January 3rd, 2018

​The Marketing team at SoccerFest took charge of many tasks these past few weeks leading up to the New Year. Primarily, pursuing indoor soccer facility promotions and palm card handouts which consisted of both palm cards and flyers being distributed to potentially interested participants with the hopes of establishing recognition of our event and its appealing details. Much work also went into the town banner design and implementation with the plan to put up said banner in the town of Amherst as we come closer to event day. In addition, making sure our web-based marketing and information is displayed to the public regularly as well as making sure that our messages are conveyed with clarity to website viewers and page visitors. All the team’s plans and future tasks are set forth by the Marketing Plan of 2018 to better the performance and make sure the team meticulously completes its objectives. Other tasks include contacting the various partners of the event and other members of the community in hopes of continuing our long-term connections with one another. The International Programs Office for example, offers to help us in getting the word out to our surrounding community in their email blasts or the Women’s Soccer team at UMass provides us with the necessary communication with its own network as well. Long-term connections are crucial for the Marketing team this year with the intentions it has to deliver the right message at the right time to the event’s participants and attendees. 2018 is a much busier time for this department as the time approaches for the event’s opening, the team has to make sure that every element of the overall plan is put into motion and is applied to the goals of our event. Additional members will be brought into the department this year with the hopes of accomplishing all tasks set out by the marketing plan while making sure the implementation of each task is meticulously performed. 

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