Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the event?
This year’s Supercuts SoccerFest event is on Saturday, April 28th, 2018.

2. When does the tournament start? When does it end?
Although the SoccerFest staff will be onsite just about all day, the festival’s doors open to participants at 9 AM on Saturday, April 28th. The tournament generally ends around 5 PM however, this is a flexible time as there is no set end time to the tournament but rather based on the sun set and other weather conditions.

3. How many fields are there and how big are they?       
Fields are 40 by 50 Yards. There will be 23 fields this year with 21 always in use (2 are reserved fields). Depending on the number of teams involved, all 23 fields may be in use at one time.

4. What are the age groups of those who participate?
Supercuts SoccerFest has participants ranging as young as seven years of age (and some even younger) all the way up to men’s league teams which may have adults 60-plus years of age. The festival is fun and inclusive no matter what your age!

5. What is the format of the event?
Teams will be broken down by Division and then within divisions by Group. Groups have four teams in them and the format of play is round robin with all teams playing one another. Once all teams have played one another, seeding will be finalized and the top teams from each group will compete in a single-elimination, playoff style tournament consisting of quarterfinal, semifinal, and a championship game.

6. How long is each game?
Each game is 25 minutes long. Games are divided into two, 12 minute halves with a 1 minute halftime intermission.

7. Are the referees paid or volunteers? Are they trained?
All SoccerFest referees, and all volunteers for that matter, are adequately trained by the SoccerFest staff prior to event day. However, ALL Top-Gun playoff games (both HS and adult), will be refereed by paid, professionally trained referees. Additionally, if it fits into the budget, “regular season” Top Gun games will be refereed by paid, trained professionals as well. On the other hand, all Just for Fun games will be refereed by SoccerFest volunteers.

8. What are the rules for the Co-Ed games?
For the Co-Ed divisions/games it is required that two male and two female players be on the field at all times. If for some reason a team does not have enough female or male players to meet this specification, they may field a team with only one male/female participant however, they would then be forced to play a man down. In other words, they could only field five players (as opposed to six) if they did not meet the specifications of two male and two female players on the field.

9. When does Fun Zone open? Close?
The Fun Zone will open at 10 AM this year and close at around 4 PM.

10. How many different Fun Zone activities are there? What are those activities?
There will be a variety of different Fun Zone activities this year as there have been for the past couple of SoccerFest events. The exact number of activities is currently unknown at this point however, there will be musical entertainment, inflatables, skill competitions, food contests, soccer tennis, and carnival games in the highly popular Fun Zone area!

11. Are shinguards required?
They are not required but are highly recommended.

12. What type of cleats are permitted?
No metal cleats of any kind are allowed.

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