We strongly encourage each team to look over the rules in order to avoid confusion. Our rules are modified from normal soccer games.

Rule are subject to change, so please check back regularly to stay up to date.

General Information

1. Each player and team is advised to sign in at least 45 minutes before their first scheduled game.

2. Each player will receive a wristband with his or her team information. In order for an individual to compete in a game they must be wearing their assigned wristband.
3. After each game, both team captains must sign the score sheet with the field monitor.
4. Each player and team is advised to occasionally check the scoreboard throughout the day for all schedules, times, fields, and revisions that may be made. Do not hesitate to ask a Supercuts Soccerfest staff member for clarification on anything.
5. Shin guards are not mandatory, but are highly recommended.
6. We recommend if you have sport goggles to wear those instead of your glasses for safety precautions.
7. No metal cleats. This rule applies for all age groups.
8. No jewelry. Only assigned wristbands and any necessary emergency medical bracelets may be worn.
9. Players can only register for one team.
10. No slide tackling.
11. Every player must sign a waiver and sportsmanship code before the tournament begins.
12. Minimum of 4 players to start the game

13. No drugs, alcohol, weapons, or tobacco are permitted on event grounds.

Game Timing

1. All teams must be prepared to play their games at the scheduled start time. A 3 ­minutes forfeit rule will be strictly enforced for the sake of the entire tournament’s schedule. Forfeits will result in a 2­-0 win for the opposing team.
2. Game Duration: There will be two 12 ­minute halves, with a 1­ minute halftime break. There is no stoppage time added at the end of each half.
3. Overtime Procedure: There will be no overtime in pool play. In the playoff rounds there will be one 5 ­minute golden goal overtime period. The first team to score will be declared the winner, if no team scores there will be a penalty kick round. There will be a coin toss to decide who gets to kick first. Kickers will alternate between teams until three individuals from each team have kicked (or the result of the penalty kick round has been determined). Teams will go to a single shooter and the first team to score and prevent the other team from scoring will be declared the winner.
4. Time will not be stopped due to injury. In the case of a serious injury, the two teams will be moved to the reserve field, where the remainder of the game will be played.
5. Time will only stop if there is a penalty kick. This keeps the 12 minute halves consistent.

Game Play

1. The winner of the coin toss at the beginning of the game will have the choice to start with the ball or choose which side to defend. Teams will switch sides at halftime. In the playoff rounds, a coin flip will determine who starts with the ball in sudden death.
2. Each goal is worth one point. In order to score a goal, the goal scorer must be on the offensive side of the field. The ball must completely cross the goal line. Goals scored from the defensive side of the half will not count.
3. Games are 6v6. Each team can only have 6 players on the field including the goalie. Must have a minimum of 4 players to start a game
4. Teams playing in a Co-­ed Division must have at least two male and two female player on the field at any point during the game otherwise they play down a player.


1. OFFSIDES: Offsides shall NOT be enforced in any division.
2. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions are allowed, with the acknowledgement of the referee at any dead ball.
3. FORFEITS: In the event of a 3 minute forfeit rule the opposing team wins 2-­0. If both teams happen to forfeit, it will be recorded as a 0-­2 loss for each.
4. Any slide tackle on an opponent will result in an automatic yellow card, unless the tackle is from behind the opponent, in which a red card will be issued. Any sliding away from an opponent will not result in any card.
5. POOL PLAY: A win is worth 3 points, a tie is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points
6. TIE BREAKERS IN POOL PLAY: In the event of more than one team having the same record within the pool, the team to advance will be determined by the following procedures in the following order:
  1. Head To Head Records
  2. Goal Differential
  3. Goals Against (Lowest Amount)
  4. Goals For
  5. Most Shutout Wins
  6. Coin Flip
7. KICK OFF: The ball will be placed in the exact middle of the field and can be kicked off in any direction. Goals cannot be scored directly off the kick off.

8. PENALTY KICKS: A penalty kick is awarded against a team which commits any of the 10 offenses for which a direct free kick is awarded inside its own penalty area while the ball is in play.
  1. Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
  2. Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
  3. Jumps on an opponent
  4. Charges an opponent
  5. Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
  6. Pushes an opponent
  7. Slide tackles an opponent
  8. Holds an opponent
  9. Spits at an opponent
  10. Handles the ball deliberately with their hands (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area, touches the ball again with his hands after he has released it from his possession and before it has touched another player)
i.   A goal may be scored directly from a penalty kick.
ii. Additional time is allowed for a penalty kick to be taken at the end of each half or at the end of any extra time.
     Position of the Ball and Players on penalty kicks
  i.   The ball must be placed on the penalty mark
  ii.  The player taking the kick must be properly identified
iii. The defending goalkeeper must remain on his goal line, facing the kicker, between the goal posts until the ball has been

9. FREE KICKS: All fouls will result in a “direct free kick”. A goal can be scored directly from a free kick only if the team is on the offensive side of the field.
10. GOAL KICKS: A goal kick can be placed anywhere within the goal box. Goal kicks must be touched by a player or hit the ground before crossing the midfield line. If a ball is not touched before the mid­field line, the ball will be placed on the midfield line at the spot the ball crossed over and the other team will have a direct free kick from that spot.
11. THROW INS: Any ball that goes out of bounds on the side of the field will be thrown in. Throwers must keep both feet on the ground and the ball must be thrown directly over the head with two hands. Opponents must give at least two yards (6ft).
12. CORNER KICKS: A ball last touched by the defending team that fully crosses the end line will be put into play from the corner of the field on the side it went out of bounds. Goals can be scored directly off of a corner kick.
13. WRISTBANDS: Each Player will be assigned ONE wristband with their team information. Before each game the referee will check each wristband to ensure that every player is eligible to play in the game. If a wristband is broken, the broken wristband can be presented to Registration and a new one will be assigned. If the wristband is lost, the player must present a form of identification to Registration in order to get another wristband. If a player is found to be playing on a team that they are not registered for, the team that player is registered for and the team they are attempting to play for will be disqualified from the tournament.
14. GOALKEEPERS: Goalies can use their hands within the box area. The goalie can throw, punt, drop kick, or pass the ball out of this area. The ball must be touched or hit the ground before crossing the midfield line. Not doing so will result in a direct free kick from the midfield line by the opposing team.
15. If a player passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie touches it with his hands, a direct free kick outside of the goalie box will be rewarded to the opposing team.
16. A minimum of four players (goalie plus 3 field players) must be on the field at all times or team will be forced to forfeit. For Co-Ed teams, there must be 3 males and one female on the field at all times or vice versa.


Cautionable Offenses (Yellow Cards)
Procedure: A player will be shown a yellow card if they commit any of the following ten offenses.
1. Unsportsmanlike Behavior
2. Dissent by word or action
3. Persistent infringement of Tournament Rules
4. Delaying the restart
5. Failure to respect the required distance when the play is restarted with a corner kick, free kick, or throw in (Giving the kicking team 10 yds on all restarts minus throw-­ins, which is 2 yds)
6. Entering or reentering the field of play without the referee's permission
7. Deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee's permission
8. Acting out an injury
9. Failure to respect the referee’s call
10. Slide tackling an opponent (see Rule D.4.)
Suspendable Offenses (Red Card)
Procedure: Players receiving a red card will have to sit out for the remainder of the game and the team of that player must play with five players. A player will be shown a red card if they commit any of the following seven offenses:
1. Serious Foul Play
2. Violent Conduct
3. Spitting at an opponent or any other person
4. Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal scoring chance by deliberately handling the ball
5. Denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards a player’s goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or penalty kick
6. Using offensive, abusive, insulting language, or gestures towards another player
7. Receiving a second yellow card in the same match
*If a player is sent off during a game (received a red card), they will be allowed to play the next game*
**It is at the tournament staff’s discretion to kick a player or a team out of the tournament as we see fit**


Team Names

As members of the Supercuts Soccerfest staff, we reserve the right to reject any team name we deem inappropriate. If a team name is deemed inappropriate upon registration, our staff will contact the team captain and the team will be asked to change their name in a timely fashion. The following guidelines will be followed to determine whether or not a team name is inappropriate. Names cannot contain the following:
  • Racial Slurs
  • Derogatory terms
  • Swear words
  • Team names or words that could mean something else
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Abbreviated derogatory terms

The Soccerfest staff will handle with team names on a case by case basis.

Jersey Protocol

All team members on a given team MUST wear the same color or jerseys on event day. Please try to avoid wearing white jerseys. If a team can not avoid wearing white colored jerseys, we ask that the team please try to bring a backup jersey of a different color.

If two teams with the same team color are scheduled to play one another, a coin toss will be used to determine which team will wear the event white t-shirts as their designated jerseys for that game. Goalies are not required to wear a different color but must make themselves known to the referee before the game or after halftime if a team decides to switch goalies at half.

As members of the Supercuts Soccerfest staff, we reserve the right to not allow certain jerseys to be worn if the jerseys are deemed inappropriate for the age group of this event. The guidelines will follow the same as the team names and any other reason we see fit. If a jersey is deemed inappropriate, a staff member will approach a team and ask them to wear the event t-shirt for all their games. If they do not comply they may at this time be asked to remove themselves from tournament play.

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