Tournament Information

Supercuts Soccerfest 2018
Date: April 28th 2018
Rain or shine! 

Important Notice!

​SoccerFest is an alcohol-free event, any participant or visitor found bringing or in possession of alcohol at the event will be immediately asked to leave.

Eligible Participants

High school students and adults of any age are able to play in this tournament.
Everyone is encouraged to attend, cheer on friends & family, and enjoy the Fun Zone!

Information for Teams

Round Robin tournament play.
All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games in the Round Robin.

Top teams will go into a single elimination playoff.
There will be a quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship game.

Fields are 45' by 50'.
Teams must be made up of 6-10 players.
A maximum of 6 players can be on the field at all times.
Games are 25 minutes in total.
Games have 12 minute halves, with a 1 minute half time intermission.

Referees & Fair Play Monitoring

All Top Gun playoff games will be monitored by experienced, paid, referees who will ensure the safety, fairness, and competitiveness of the game.

All Just for Fun games will be refereed by SoccerFest volunteers.
Two males and two females are required to be on the playing field at all times for Co-Ed games. If a team has only one female or one male player on the field then they MUST play down a player, or in other words, will only be allowed to field five players.

For more information, please see the FAQ’s page.

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